History of IMTRACT

IMTRACT  was started in 1981 by Usman Oemar and has grown from just small to medium company.  IMTRACT  is meaning Indonesia muda tractor, as a symbolizes of the young  energetic generation and like challenge.

IMTRACT is starting with heavy equipment service company then developed into company that selling heavy equipment such as; loaders, cranes, forclift, etc . We repair and recondition all kinds and types of heavy equipment, ready for call and ready for servicing you wherever you are. We give warranty repairs on every items which we have done, with the  experienced and certified technicians.

We are ready to provide genuine spare parts and tools appropriate type and brands at competitive prices, because for us the customer satisfaction is our success in carrying out the work.

We were able to change and modify the system ELECTRICAL, MANUAL, and able to recondition old tools to be ready to work again.

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Kantor pusat : Jl. Kupang Krajan 8 / 17 A, Surabaya

Work shop : jl. wonokoyo RT; 22/05 ds. klopo sepuluh, sukodono, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia

IND. Technical Support ; 085231961313

email; im_tract@yahoo.co.id

Surat Ijin : No. 25.309.110.24