Frequently Asked Questions

When is your cut-off time for shipping?

  • Trucks: 2:30pm PST
  • UPS: 3:30pm PST

Do you have a filter list?

Based on the serial number of the machine, we can get the engine serial number which will tell us all we need to know.

Deutz engine gets too hot and shuts down at 245 degrees

  • Clean dirt and debris from cylinder heads
  • Check condition of blower fan, it may be worn
  • Check air filter, a plugged filter can cause higher engine temperatures
  • Make sure the engine exhaust air is not being restricted

6×16 screen basket is hard to start on cold mornings

  • Check drive belt tension
  • Check engine RPM. The RPM should be at maximum when starting the screen
  • Check blocking to make sure the screen basket is not making contact with the feeder head pulley while engaging
  • Run conveyors for several minutes before starting the screen, this will take the chill off of the oil allowing the screen to start easier

Screen-It feed belt is hard to track

  • The feed belt travels at a maximum of 50 feet per minute and is 48 inches wide.
  • The belt is also very flat.
  • When tracking the belt, be patient and allow time for the conveyor to respond.  You will not see immediate results.
  • The slack adjusters are designed to tension the belt only.
  • There is a self correcting return idler to assist in the belt tracking.  Check to see if the self correcting idler is free to pivot.

How often should I grease the 5×12 screen bearings?

  • Each 100 mm screen bearing should be greased (from a hand pump grease gun) per hour of operation.
  • If you screen for 8 hours, you should pump 8 pumps of grease per screen bearing.

How often should I grease the 6×16 2 deck screen bearing?

  • The 6×16 screen has 140 mm oil bath bearing.
  • The reservoir holds 5 gallons.
  • Oil should be chevron delo 80w-90 or equivalent
  • Older models did have a grease zerk, it should receive 3-4 pumps of grease per day
  • The grease forms a dust seal to protect the actual oil seal

Can I change the speed of the Screen-IT discharge conveyors?

  • A standard machine has a fixed speed conveyor except for the feeder belt
  • Flow controls are optional and can be installed in the field
  • All of the side discharge conveyor motors have the same diameter shaft size and bolt pattern, they can be switched to change speeds
  • The pump for each conveyor has a different flow rate to increase the adjustability

My screen cloth has a hole in it

  • If a screen panel wears out, it will form as a hole
  • The wires will be worn thin approaching the hole
  • If the screen panel breaks down the length of the clamp rail or the crown rail, it is due to loose clamp rails
  • If the clamp rails are not tight enough, the screen panel will be loose and the screen will flex up and down along the edge.  Eventually it will break

What type of oil is required for CEC cone lubrication?

CEC recommends chevron delo 80w-90 or equivalent for the cone lube in the following cone crushers:

  • 36″/40″
  • 450
  • 48/51″
  • 54″
  • 60″

What should I torque the cone u-bolt to on the concave liner?

  • The torque should be:
    • 36″/40″ – 450 foot pound
    • 450 – 525 foot pound
    • 48″/51″ – 600 foot pound
  • The super cone SC series does not contain u-bolts to hold the liner in place.  It has a unique locking ring that torques to:
    • SC 200 – 250 foot pound
    • SC 300 – 350 foot pound
    • SC 400 – 425 foot pound

How tight should the electric motor drive be?

  • On average the belts should be tensioned to 1/16 inch deflection per inch of span at a 20 pound pull
  • Belt tension gauges are available for accurate belt tensioning

What type of oil should I use on a CEC Jaw crusher bearing and how much?

  • CEC recommends Chevron 80w-90 for the main frame pitman bearings
  • The pitman bearing are oil bath bearings and there is a sight glass on the front of the pitman to show proper oil level
  • The main frame bearings have a dipstick on each bearing and the reservoir is considerably smaller than the pitman bearings
  • The oil level should be checked daily

Why does my Jaw crusher have two sight gauges for the pitman?

  • The upper sight gauge is used if the jaw is mounted level 0 degrees
  • The lower sight gauge should be used if the jaw is mounted at an 8 degree angle
  • Almost all CEC portable Jaw crushers are mounted at 8 degrees

How much grease is needed for the labyrinth seal?

  • The labyrinth seal should only be greased while the jaw is running
  • You should pump grease from a hand pump grease gun until you just begin to see new grease emerging from the seal
  • You should not grease the seal again until the grease begins to dry out
  • Grease intervals may be anywhere from 2-7 days depending on:
    • Operation
    • Temperature
    • Dust levels
  • Over greasing could cause an oil leak from plugging the drain back holes in the labyrinth collar


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